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Olivia Rodrigo’s Guts Tour opening night performance, which premiered Friday night in Palm Springs, is in the record books, and fans eager to know if their favorites made the setlist now have an idea of ​​what look forward to it as the tour progresses across the United States and Europe over the next six months.

For anyone wondering what covers he might perform this time: there aren’t any. The set’s 22 songs come from Rodrigo’s two albums, “Sour” and “Guts,” including one of the exclusive bonus tracks that came with some editions of the latter album: “Obsessed,” an especially welcome component of the fan set that They are, well, obsessed.

Although Rodrigo wore a T-shirt that said “I’m Just a Girl” for the encore, that No Doubt song was not included in the show, as it was in many of the concerts on his 2022 trip. It’s clear that he feels that the covers he did on his debut tour were a kind of Hamburger Helper to help flesh out a set that was based on a 35-minute freshman album. But she now has enough original material to fill a 95-minute set and was eager to play almost all of it live. In fact, he played all 12 songs on the standard edition of “Guts,” plus that bonus track at number 13. As for “Sour,” Rodrigo included nine of its 11 songs in the set (omitting only “1 Step Forward, 3 Steps Back” and the somber closer “Hope Ur OK”).

Another difference from the 2022 tour: the inclusion of eight dancers, who sometimes engaged in choreography that could be seen from above, but who often disappeared from the stage during the more intimate or rockier numbers.

The tour’s production is not overly elaborate by contemporary standards, and Rodrigo’s charisma serves as sufficient special effect. But there was one important piece of the production: a quarter-moon-shaped prop in which Rodrigo sat and sang while he twirled in the sand through two numbers, “Logical” and “Enough for You.”

Rodrigo was in high spirits at the end of the 95 minutes, stepping off one of the two ramps jutting out of the GA area to make physical contact with the fans gathered around the ramp for a couple of minutes after the performance ended.

Variety You’ll have a full review of opening night, along with photos from the show, on Saturday.

Speculation about the contents of the set had been trending on

Rodrigo opened the tour Friday night in the same region of the country where he will conclude it: his native Southern California. Friday’s show was at the Acrisure Arena in Palm Springs, a venue that many California concert-goers are still encountering for the first time since it opened just 14 months ago and many Los Angeles music fans had yet to make the trip. Travel to the desert to check it out. the region’s newest large-scale facility. The tour will return and conclude with four shows at the Kia Forum from August 14-17.

Chappell Roan was the opening act on Friday night, as he will be on all of Rodrigo’s tour dates through April 2, at which point the Breeders will take over some dates, followed by Remi Wolf and PinkPantheress .

Here’s the full setlist for Rodrigo’s opening night at Acrisure Arena:

Bad idea, right?

Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl



Driver’s license

Teenage dream

Pretty is not pretty

love is shameful

Making the bed


Enough for you

Of lace

Jealousy jealousy


favorite crime

Deja vu

The resentment



All American bitch

Good 4 U

Bring it back!

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