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A new image of the Camera app may have revealed a first look at iOS 18’s rumored visionOS-style redesign.

Possible iOS 18 16x9 Camera App Leak 1Alleged iOS 18 design resource.

MacRumors We received the iPhone framework template above from an anonymous source who claims to have obtained it from an iOS engineer. It will supposedly be included as part of the Apple Design Resources for iOS 18, which helps developers design apps visually using software like Sketch and Photoshop. We can’t attest to the authenticity of the image, but we think it’s worth sharing because it matches previous rumors.

In February, the Israeli website The verifier stated that iOS 18 and iPadOS 18 will feature design elements inspired by visionOS. The Vision Pro headset’s operating system features a high level of depth translucency with glass-like buttons that have reflective edges.

visionOS designVisionOS design elements.

For example, the Apple TV app on iPadOS 18 will apparently feature the same translucent navigation bar that was introduced in the tvOS 17.2 version of the app last year. The design of this menu has clear similarities with visionOS. Apple also plans to redesign other system menus and built-in apps in iOS 18, including Safari, according to the report.

The verifier has a mixed track record with Apple rumors over the years, but BloombergMark Gurman later said that Apple is working to update the design of iOS “early this year.” He agreed that iOS could take some design cues from visionOS in the future, but Gurman doesn’t expect a “total overhaul that reflects visionOS.” Therefore, the extent of the possible redesign is still unknown.

While Gurman hinted that the redesign may not come out this year, he was more firm that iOS 18 will be redesigned in a November edition of its newsletter, when it said that Apple’s senior management had described iOS 18 as “ambitious and compelling,” with “important new features and designs.”

The alleged iOS 18 camera app design feature apparently aligns with these reports, showing a substantial rethinking of Apple’s visual elements in line with visionOS, but it may not be legitimate. Apple is expected to preview iOS 18 at its annual WWDC developer conference on June 10. The first beta version should be available shortly after the announcement. The update should roll out to all users in September alongside the iPhone 16 lineup. For more details on the upcoming software update, check out our full iOS 18 rundown.

Update 11:35 am: We have received information from several sources indicating that the image is fake.

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