Bianca Censori in revealing outfit with Kanye West at Cheesecake Factory


Bianca Censori

Here’s a little cheesecake!!!

Kanye West‘wife, Bianca CensoriShe knows how to turn heads, no doubt, as she and her husband once again visited the Cheesecake Factory at The Grove in Los Angeles.

Bianca left little to the imagination in a busty see-through outfit as they headed to lunch.

Here’s a puzzling question…how do you stay in incredible shape when you go to a restaurant (these are favorite restaurants these days) where the sweet corn tamale pastries are 1,340 calories and the kalua pork quesadilla weighs in? 1250 calories?!?

However, Ye and Bianca made the most of a rainy day while eating at Los Angeles’ most famous mall.

His trips to The Grove have not been without controversy. Earlier this month, Bianca’s outfit caused quite a stir when He waited outside the cheesecake factory. opening… it was like looking at an x-ray, but few complained, although parents with children did.

Anyway…it’s raining again in LA today, so Bianca…the tamales are delicious!

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