Camera In Action, Ooru Peru Bhairavakona Prod Under Pressure

Release problems have once again returned to Tollywood. We have seen the mess created during Sankranthi. At the time, Eagle withdrew from the race and Film Chamber promised a solo release date of February 9.

Tillu Square, Yatra 2 and Ooru Peru Bhairavakona were the films announced for February 9 back then. Chamber Bigges contacted Sithara Naga Vamsi and also mentioned UV Creations, but did not contact the producer of Bhairavakona.

Since then, Bhairavakona producer Rajesh Danda and host Anil Sunkara have mentioned that their release is underway because they were not consulted.

But then suddenly there are efforts to postpone Bhairavakona to give a solo release to Eagle.

It is interesting to note that the House has given an exception for the release of Yatra 2.

Eagle should be given a solo date as promised. There is no doubt about it but why postpone only Yatra 2?

Just because Yatra 2 is a film from a big production house like UV Creations and has the support of the ruling Party in AP, there is no problem with that film.

Since Bhairavakona is a small film, they are pushing it.

This afternoon a meeting has been organized at the Film Chamber to put pressure on Rajesh Danda.

Sources say the Bhairavakona producer will wonder if he will be given a solo date on April 5. Film Chamber president Dil Raju is planning his Family Star in case Devara postpones it. This will put Dil Raju in a fix.

If it is postponed, Bhairavakona will have to face the interest burden and buyers might even back out if the film is postponed.

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