Celebrities who divorced their wives due to cruelty


Speaking about what leads some women to abuse their partners, Priyanka Kapoor, psychotherapist and couples counsellor, said: “There are multiple reasons why women treat their spouses poorly. It can be due to upbringing, past trauma, vulnerability , unresolved conflicts, communication problems, mental health problems, or external stressors or personality traits.”

Sharing some tips for setting boundaries in such cases, she told us, “Open communication can help resolve recurring conflicts. Make sure your spouse understands your expectations and boundaries, and emphasize the value of healthy communication and mutual respect in your relationship.” marriage Establish clear rules and take decisive action to correct any violations Make self-care activities that support your emotional, mental, and physical well-being a priority Exercise, hobbies, socializing with encouraging friends and family, or private counseling are some examples of this.”

She added: “If your partner is abusing you emotionally or physically, seek help from family, friends or support organizations. You may also consider seeking advice from a therapist or lawyer on how to handle the matter safely.”

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