Cetaphil releases a Taylor Swift-inspired Super Bowl ad, featuring an emotional moment between a father and daughter about the pop star’s NFL effect.

By Jake Fenner for Dailymail.Com

04:01 February 10, 2024, updated 06:31 February 10, 2024

A heartwarming ad released by skincare company Cetaphil alluded to Taylor Swift’s push to attract girls and women of all ages to the game of soccer.

The ad shows a father repeatedly trying to connect with his teenage daughter through soccer, but she continues to resist.

It’s not until he hears on television about “the most famous fan of the game” that he goes downstairs to watch it with his father.

Later, while she is doing her skincare routine, the father walks in holding a number 13 jersey (Taylor’s favorite number) for his daughter.

She puts down her phone, hugs him on the couch, and they watch the game together as the ad says, “This season, fathers and daughters found a new way to connect.” Let’s celebrate that glow of playtime.”

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A Super Bowl ad directly addresses the positive impact Taylor Swift had on the NFL this year
It shows a father and daughter bonding over football, thanks in part to Swift’s assistance.

The video seemed to hit home with both Swifties and parents, who took to Twitter to praise the announcement.

“I’m not exaggerating when I say I also got into soccer (thanks to Taylor) and my brother, who loves soccer, loves talking to me about it now because he’s never had an interest before,” one Twitter user wrote.

‘The dark world needs this announcement. Beautiful,’ said another user.

Another account wrote: “This is one of the best commercials I’ve ever seen and I mean that VERY seriously.”

“Being a father to all daughters, one of whom is 11 (years old) and a huge one (Swiftie), this has me crying right now,” one man wrote.

“As the daughter of a soccer coach and a die-hard Swiftie, I love this,” another user said.

Swift and NFL fans praised the commercial for its emotions and feelings.

Earlier this season, Nielson’s data showed a viewership increase of more than 50 percent among girls ages 12 to 17, and Swift is often cited as the reason.

Over the course of the season, viewership among women increased nine percent, giving the league its best female viewership numbers on record.

But that’s indicative of a big year for the NFL overall: SBJ said the league saw increases of 4 to 10 percent across all key demographic groups.

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