Chaurya Paatam Trailer: Fun Money Heist

While Trinadha Rao Nakkina was the director of Dhamaka, Karthik Ghattamaneni was the cinematographer. They both worked together in a film titled Chaurya Paatam. Trinadha Rao is not a director but a producer of the film made at Nakkina Narratives, while Karthik offered the story of this absolute artist.

The teaser of the film that was released a while ago seems promising with a novel concept, entertaining aspects in the narration and good technical standards. The story is about four friends who are small-time thieves. They plot a robbery in a town bank with the protagonist being the boss of the lot.

The teaser is sharp, spicy and outrageous. Indhra Ram has done well as the leader of the group, while Payal Radhakrishna is the heroine. The group of friends entertains with their senseless acts. Debutant Nikhil Gollamari earns brownie points for his take.

Chaurya Paatam creates curiosity with the trailer and the film is gearing up for release soon.

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