Chef Kunal Kapur Alleges His Wife Disrespected Her Parents, She Says He’s Lying


Chef Kunal Kapur Alleges His Wife Disrespected Her Parents, She Says He's Lying

The estranged couple married in April 2008.

New Delhi:

The Delhi High Court granted divorce to celebrity chef Kunal Kapur on Tuesday on the grounds of cruelty exhibited by his ex-wife. The court observed that Mr. Kapur’s wife’s conduct towards him lacked dignity and empathy.

Kapur alleged disrespect and humiliation on the part of his wife. Kapur, known for his role as a judge on the popular television show “Master Chef,” alleged that his wife constantly disrespected his parents and subjected him to public shaming.

In response, his wife refuted these accusations, calling them fabricated attempts to mislead the court. She said she tried to maintain a loving and loyal relationship with Kapur, refuting any accusations of disrespect or mistreatment.

“In the light of the above facts of the present case, we find that the conduct of the respondent (wife) towards the appellant (husband) has been such as to lack dignity and empathy towards him.

“When such is the nature of one spouse towards the other, it dishonors the very essence of marriage and there is no possible reason why he should be forced to live while enduring the agony of living together,” a bench of judges said. Suresh Kumar Kait and Neena Bansal Krishna said.

The court examined the veracity of the allegations made by Mr. Kapur’s wife, highlighting the rapid professional success achieved by him in a short period of time. This success, the court noted, is indicative of his dedication and hard work, which casts doubt on the credibility of the allegations leveled against him.

The court concluded that the allegations made by Mr Kapur’s wife were baseless and aimed at tarnishing his reputation. Such unfounded claims, the court stated, constitute cruelty and have a detrimental impact on one’s reputation.

The estranged couple married in April 2008 and have a son born in 2012.

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