‘Cricket players shouldn’t be…’: Pakistani actor says he received ‘messages’ from stars, sparking speculation


"Cricketers shouldn't be...": Pakistani actor says he received 'messages' from stars, sparking speculation

File photo of Pakistani actor Nawal Saeed.©Instagram

Cricket stars and entertainment personalities from the African continent have often been linked with each other. While cricket is the most popular sport in the subcontinent, entertainment personalities are known to work on cross-border projects. Stars from both fields make an interesting combination. In the past and present, several cricketers were and are married to actors. Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma are a good example. However, Pakistani actor Nawal Saeed, who has over a million followers on Instagram, made an interesting comment about cricketers.

In a talk show, he was asked about receiving messages from cricketers.

“Did any cricketer message you?” the presenter asked the actor Green Television Entertainment.

Aapko kiu lagta hai, unique perfection zaroori hai (Why do you think it is necessary for someone to be single)?” the actor replied. “I’m not going to talk about it (the cricketer texting incident).”

The host then took a variety of names, from Naseem Shah to Shoaib Malik, to which Nawal Saeed continued to smile. He then referred to a previous show he did in which he talked about cricketers sending him messages. “The show was recorded during the World Cup. People thought I said it for publicity. But it was nothing like that. I told the truth. I shouldn’t have said that. People can send you a message, it’s okay.” she said.

Mujhe sirf ye lagta hai ki Cricketers shouldn’t do things like that. Log jo hain na Actors se zyada log cricketers/sportsman ko idolize karte hai (I think cricketers should not do that as people idolize them even more than actors),” Nawal added.

Nawal Saeed, 25, started her career in television. As of 2022, he also works in films.

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