Disastrous reservations in Jagan’s Kadapa

Yatra 2 is one such propaganda film that aims to help the YCP ahead of the AP elections. The film opened in theaters this weekend. However, the film received weak reviews from the common audience.

Coming back to the topic, YSR’s home district Kadapa has also reported disastrous numbers for Yatra 2 at the box office.

Incidentally, Kadapa district is named after YSR and YCP won all 10 seats in 2019 elections. Also, the district is a stronghold for Jagan; However, YCP’s propaganda film Yatra 2 has had a disastrous run at the Kadapa box office.

Interestingly, Yatra 2 has some uplifting dialogues about Jagan as a Kadapa regional politician.

But on the contrary, Yatra 2 performed very poorly in Kadapa on Saturday. After all the preaching of Kadapa, the film has failed miserably on Kadapa himself.

Yatra 2, if it had to succeed in any territory, it would be Kadapa district, but in the same place, the film has started on an extremely poor note. These are danger signs for a propaganda film like Yatra 2 in its only hope, Kadapa.

Yatra 2 is also collecting peanuts in the U.S. On a very crucial first Saturday, Yatra has collected $4,000 ($4,194) around 10 a.m.

Check out Kadapa bookings for Sunday; There are no shows booked or sold out.

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