Donna Kelce doesn’t believe she’s in a Super Bowl suite with Taylor Swift. This is why


Diana Kelce He may only have one son in the Super Bowl this year, but that hasn’t diminished his level of excitement or pride for his son Travis, who is headed to his second Super Bowl in two years with his team, the Kansas City Chiefs.

The tight end played in the Super Bowl last year. against his brother Jason, who is on the Philadelphia Eagles. His mother will be in the stands this Sunday to watch the Chiefs take on the San Francisco 49ers in Las Vegas, Nevada, in Super Bowl LVIII.

The stands? Not a suite like we’ve seen her throughout this season, often sitting next to Travis’ superstar girlfriend Taylor Swift?

“We don’t know until that day if he will come or not. And I imagine if that happened, she would be in someone else’s suite because the price is outrageous at Allegiant Stadium,” Donna Kelce said in an interview with CNN this week. “I don’t know if anyone is going to pay that bill.”

Oh really?

“Not this time. No, I really don’t think so,” Kelce said. “I think I’ll be in the stands and I’ll love being in the stadium with everyone else.”

Kelce is just your average mom who gave birth to two incredibly talented and successful soccer players, which likely played a role in why Ziploc named her the brand’s first “leftovers director.”

According to Ziploc, about 18 million pounds of food scraps were thrown into the trash after Super Bowl parties last year, so Kelce encourages people to bring Ziploc products to Super Bowl events to avoid the waste.

Michael Simon for Ziploc

Mrs. Kelce.

The partnership was perfect for her, she said, because “my kids used to eat a lot when they were little and that’s why I used (Ziploc products) all the time.”

“The fights would be reduced if I put the leftovers in (the) refrigerator, handed them out and put their names on them,” Kelce explained. “Then they couldn’t complain too much. But every once in a while there would be a fight because someone wanted more.”

Jason was the biggest eater and Travis was the pickiest, he said, but he still ate well.

Kelce’s love for his children is evident, as is his love for the game that has brought them so much success. Her son Travis’s fame has accelerated, of course, now that he’s dating Swift, and her mother has often been seen enjoying suite life with her.

Naturally, inquiring minds want to know what’s going on in the seats, which aren’t cheap.

“Everyone is having a good time, that’s for sure. It’s just about meeting new people,” Kelce said. “The excitement, the joy of the touchdowns and winning. “It just doesn’t get any better than that.”

As for her conversations with Swift, Kelce said she hasn’t had to offer the superstar singer any advice about being WAGs (“wives and girlfriends” of professional athletes).

“She has it under control. “I don’t give him any advice,” Kelce said. “And I don’t give my guys any advice either. You know, they’re adults.”

Denny Medley-USA Today Sports/Reuters

Taylor Swift reacts while sitting next to Donna Kelce watching the Kansas City Chiefs vs Chicago Bears game in September 2023.

However, Travis has given his mother advice, which is why she doesn’t mind some of the more serious things. outlandish conspiracy theories about his son’s relationship with Swift.

“Travis told me, ‘Don’t worry about the media.’ “There is a lot of (artificial intelligence) and things like that where there will be false information and not real information,” he said. “In our family we know what is true and what is not true. And you know, you can’t change anything. “It’s out of your control.”

“It’s one of the annoyances,” he added. “But basically a lot of wonderful things happen by being able to go places, see people and do things that you could never imagine in a million years. So, that’s the trade-off.”

Kelce has great admiration for Swift and says he loves “her outlook on life and her great talent. I think she is a role model for all women.”

Not to mention how she has helped attract many of her Swifties (as her fans are known) to watch the football game now that she attends the games herself.

“I think it’s amazing that more and more people are embracing the NFL. I love sports. I especially love soccer because my kids have been playing it for a long time,” Kelce said. “I really think it’s bringing families closer together. Sports tend to do that.”

“I got letters, text messages and comments when I was at the airport about how parents are so happy that their daughters are finally coming to them to try to understand the game,” he added. “And they couldn’t have thought that would have happened before now.”

Charlie Riedel/AP

A Kansas City Chiefs fan holds a sign about Taylor Swift before an NFL football game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Denver Broncos in October 2023.

There are also many speculations about whether the couple will get engaged soon. Travis was recently asked if Swift would receive a ring if he wins one in the Super Bowl, but he cleared it, saying he’s only thinking about winning the game right now.

His mother, like most mothers around the world, just wants her son to be happy.

“You know, time will tell. I don’t even know how to answer that question,” she said, smiling. “It is totally up to them to be happy. We don’t know anything for now. “I’m sure he would call me and tell me, and I still haven’t heard anything.”

One thing we do know is that Swift hasn’t tried Mama Kelce’s famous chocolate chip cookies yet, because the latter said she’s been too busy this season to make a batch. When Kelce gets back to baking, she has the perfect little bag for Swift to take her treats on tour.

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