Dune 2 reaches $368 million worldwide, Kung Fu Panda 4 starts with $81 million WW


Warner Bros./Legendary Entertainment Dune: Part Two remained strong in its second session at the international box office, adding 81 million dollars comfortably cross the milestone of 200 million dollars abroad and reach $367.5 million globally.

We will go deeper into Dune 2The second chart below, including its start in China. In the meantime, let’s see what’s new this weekend.

Universal/DreamWorks Animation kung fu panda 4 came out swinging as it begins a staggered rollout overseas. The fourquel opened to $22.2 million in 41 markets that represent only 23% of the international panorama, and place the world debut in 80.5 million dollars. Spain was the only important one in this first suite, since Jack Black, protagonist, will continue adding markets in the coming weeks to align with the Christmas game; Travel to China on March 22.

Offshore launch, excluding advances, is greater than kung fu panda 2 and 3 in markets comparable to the current exchange rate. It is also above comparable bows from Ice Age: Collision Course and zootopia. A total of 32 markets had the biggest opening weekend of the year for a studio film.

Spain He led the work with $3 million, including advances. Friday’s opening was the second-biggest opening day of the year and the best for an animated title since last summer. Elementary. KFP4Saturday was the biggest for an animated title since Super Marioand the largest for DWA since The cat with boots in 2011. Full weekend outperforms KFP2 and KFP3, and in line with zootopia and HTTYD3 excluding previews.

Malaysia debuted Thursday with the biggest studio opening day of the year, Universal’s #3 biggest animation opening day, DreamWorks’ #4 biggest opening day of all time and the biggest animation opening day important of all time, including advances. The cumulative total of $2.36 million, including advances, is in line with HTTYD3 and KFP3, and above KFP2 excluding previews.

Indonesia bowed Wednesday with the second-best opening day of the year for a studio film and the second-best post-pandemic animation opening day (behind Minions: The Rise of Gru), as well as DWA opening number 3 (after KFP3 and HTTYD3). The entire weekend grossed $2.1 million, including previews.

Vietnam debuted on the biggest opening day ever for an animated title. Based on current estimates of $1.94 million, the weekend is the biggest Hollywood animated opening of all time, the third biggest Universal opening of all time (after Fast movies) and the 10th largest non-local opening weekend in history. The start is more than three times greater than KFP3.

Poland grossed $1.6 million, including trailers, above the opening of Super Mario Brosin line with zootopia and Ice Age: Collision Courseand far above previous franchise titles (excluding trailers).

Other early markets include Argentina ($1.2 million and biggest opening day of 2024); Denmark ($1.2 million and best franchise opening); Chile ($1.1 million and best DWA opening); and Singapore (1 million dollars and the best start to the year).

Returning to Denis Villeneuve Dune: Part Twoadded the sci-fi epic. 81 million dollars from 72 international markets, only a 36% drop in the remainder. The overseas cume is now. $210.5 millionputting the world on its way to the four century mark, currently with $367.5 million until Sunday.

In comparable markets and using current exchange rates, the film is 64% ahead of 2021. Dune43% more than Transformers: Rise of the Beasts36% more Godzilla vs. Kong3% above M:I7 and approximately on par with the batman.

The most innovative thing this weekend was Porcelain (where the film is distributed by Legendary East). The estimated debut is RMB 142.1 million ($20 million), placing it at number 2 in the market, far behind the Taiwanese title. The pig, the snake and the dove. This is the biggest opening weekend for Hollywood in 2024 and the biggest opening weekend for Villeneuve and Timothée Chalamet. The IMAX China network handed over $6.5 million, a whopping 33% of the total.

Dune 2Overall launch results in China were roughly on par with 2021. Dune as well as superior to the batman (+95%), Blade Runner 2049 (+183%), The Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes (+330%) and Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny (+772%). The public gave Maoyan a score of 9.3, Taopiaopiao of 9.6, and Douban of 8.3.

Elsewhere, of the 72 foreign markets released, the film was ranked number one in 57 and the top US title in 60.

Markets that saw good declines include France (-17%), Germany (-19%), Taiwan (-22%), Brazil (-23%), Netherlands (-23%), Spain (-27%), Australia (-29%), Italy (-32%), United Kingdom (-34%), Hong Kong (-34%), New Zealand (-34%), Singapore (-34%) and Philippines (-35%) .

In IMAX, the sci-fi epic fell just 15% globally, with $27.7 million on 1,600 screens. The overseas portion is $16.6 million, a drop of just 25% across all markets that opened last weekend. The international cume amounted to $35.8 million and the global cume is $72.4 million or 20% of the global cume to date.

The top 5 markets overall to date are the United Kingdom ($24.8 million), Porcelain ($20 million), France ($19.4 million), Germany ($18.2 million) and Australia ($11.6 million). Japan opens next Friday.

Bob Marley: One love (PAR): $4.9 million during the international weekend (52 markets); Cumulative $71.2 million international/$160.5 million worldwide
Nobody but you (SNY): $3 million international weekend (48 markets); $124 million international dollars/$212 million global dollars
Migration (UNI): $2.4 million on the international weekend (79 markets); $156.7 million cumulative international dollars/$282 million global dollars
poor things (DIS): $2.1 million over the international weekend (47 markets); 74.4 million international dollars and 108.4 million dollars worldwide
lady web (SNY): $1.8 million international weekend (64 markets); $54 million cumulative international/$96.6 million worldwide
Demon Slayer: Kimetsu No Yaiba – Hashira’s Training (SNY/CR): $1M International Weekend (42 markets); $23 million for Sony International/$40 million for Sony Global
argylle (UNI): $830K international weekend (83 markets); $49.8 million international dollars/$94.6 million global dollars
Bad Girls (PAR): $133K international weekend (14 markets); $31.9 million cumulative international dollars/$104.3 million global dollars

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