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Wearable technology is expanding and companies are bringing amazing innovations to the market. We are now entering the era of smart glasses that are capable of performing various tasks. From the extremely expensive to those in the mid-segment, the offer is varied. Ray-Ban Meta smart glasses are among the most popular devices, although they are expensive. Now, a new company called Brilliant Labs has entered the market with its new Frame smart glasses. The newly introduced smart glasses come with “AI superpowers” ​​that can perform a number of useful tasks with just voice prompts from the user. These actions include AI translations, identifying landmarks, performing web searches, and more. Learn more about this new technology here. Smart frame glasses are designed to adapt to the user’s task preferences, making them smarter with each use.

Brilliant Labs Smart Glasses

According to a report According to The Verge, the Frame smart glasses come with multi-modal “AI superpowers.” These are open source smart glasses capable of performing advanced tasks. They are priced at $349. Smart glasses can perform tasks such as identifying a specific location, translating, or performing a web search. All of these tasks can be performed with voice prompts and the lens directly displays the information as an overlay. These glasses are connected with the Brilliant Labs app called Noa. Inside the app, you’ll find an AI assistant that uses OpenAI for visual analysis, Whisper for translation capabilities, and Perplexity for web search functionalities.

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The smart glass features a 640 x 400 pixel color micro OLED display with a 20-degree diagonal field of view. Additionally, Frame includes a 1280 x 720 camera and is powered by an nRF52840 Cortex-M4F CPU. It runs on a custom Lua-based operating system that is completely open source. The smart frame glasses are backed by a 222 mAh battery for long-lasting performance and also feature a microphone to capture voice prompts.

Notably, these smart glasses come with a fun-looking Mister Power charger that gives the glasses a big nose.

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