Gauahar Khan breaks down in tears when they arrive in Madinah for her first Umrah with baby Zehaan and says, “I am here with my son and my husband, all thanks to Allah for accepting my prayers.”

Gauahar Khan finally released the most awaited vlog of her Umrah. The couple traveled to Saudi Arabia to perform their first Umrah with their son Zehaan. In the vlog, Gauahar shared moments from their flight and how they made sure everything was smooth and easy for Zehaan. During their holy journey, the duo even revealed their little one’s face.

Humari dua qubool hui hai

We are going to Umrah, Alhamdulillah for the first time as parents. We are so excited and so nice. Bohot zyada maza aane wala hai, bohot ibadat perfect waali hai. On Ramzan, Umrah becomes extremely special. This was our wish that as soon as we became parents we would attend Umrah. Yeh humari tamanna aur dua qubool hui hai.


This time we go first to Medina.

This time we will do it last, first we will go to Medina and then we will go to Mecca. With the family we went first to Mecca and then to Medina. I am very happy and excited to take this special trip with Zehaan. We are taking a transit flight as there are no direct flights to Medina from Mumbai.

Keeping everything ready for Zehaan

We have landed before our second flight to Medina. Gladly the flight was smooth. It’s only been 5 minutes since we sat here in the living room and there’s all this mess for Zehaan. This is the work I have to finish before boarding another flight so Zehaan has everything ready. I have stayed with roza and Alhamdulillah. I don’t feel anything good. I feel so energized that I carry all the bags and Zehaan too.

There is no help to take care of Zehaan.

We don’t have any help here, so Zehaan’s diaper changing, his food, his milk, everything has to be timed perfectly so that everything goes well for Zehaan and he doesn’t get cranky during the flight.

First iftar in Medina

After two flights, we finally reached Medina, we did not miss our namaz and now we are going for more ibadat. There are only two hours left until Iftar and this would be my first Iftar at the mosque here. Finally we opened our store at the hotel.

​Gauahar is excited when they arrive in Medina

Gauahar burst into tears as they headed to Madina: “I feel so blessed that Allah has given me this opportunity to return as a mother. Itni badi neymat hai, maine dua kari aur Allah ne kubool ki. I am here with my son and my husband , all thanks to Allah for accepting my prayers.”


​He almost missed his first sehri

Zaid revealed that they almost missed their first sehri: “Zehaan woke us up at 3:30 am and we came down a little late. Here the sehri closes at 4 am, although we have time until the 5 am namaz to eat, but they close everything. at 4. The staff here gladly helped us or else we would surely have missed Sehri and started our roza without eating.”

​Catch up with Namaz by alternately taking care of Zehaan

I am inside Masjid Al Nabawi, this is one of the most surreal moments you can experience. People from all over the world, from different races and different languages, gather and pray here. Everyone prays the same way and follows the Imam. I am sitting here praying, crying and thanking Allah. Zehaan is with Zaid so that I can receive my Zohar Namaz. If you are traveling with a baby, travel with more people or take alternate turns so that everyone can pray and catch up on namaz. We have to balance it to be able to take care of Zehaan at the same time.