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Google on Wednesday launched new artificial intelligence (AI) models that third-party developers can potentially create as their own, following a similar move by Meta Platforms and others.

The Alphabet subsidiary said individuals and companies can create artificial intelligence software based on its new family of “open models” called Gemma, for free. The company is making key technical data, such as so-called model weights, available to the public, he said.

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The move may attract software engineers to take advantage of Google’s technology and encourage use of its newly profitable cloud division. The models are “optimized” for Google Cloud, where first-time customers get $300 in credits, the company said.

Google stopped short of making Gemma completely “open source,” meaning the company may still have a hand in setting the terms of use and ownership. Some experts have said open source AI was ripe for abuse, while others have defended the approach to broadening the pool of people who can contribute to and benefit from the technology.

With the announcement, Google did not open its largest flagship models known as Gemini, unlike Gemma. He said Gemma models are two billion or seven billion parameters in size, or the number of different values ​​an algorithm takes into account to generate results.

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Meta’s Llama 2 models range in size from seven to 70 billion parameters. Google has not revealed the size of its larger Gemini models. For comparison, OpenAI’s GPT-3 model announced in 2020 had 175 billion parameters.

Chipmaker Nvidia said Wednesday that it has worked with Google to ensure Gemma models run smoothly on its chips. Nvidia also said it will soon make chatbot software, which it is developing to run AI models on Windows PCs, work with Gemma.

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