Han So Hee’s Agency Criticized for Allegedly Attacking Hyeri in New Report


“They are blaming Hyeri until the end…”

Internet users criticized Han So Heethe agency for allegedly attacking Hyeri in a new report.

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On April 1, a report was published detailing 9Ato EntertainmentHan So Hee’s efforts to make Han So Hee the global star she is today.

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The article described how the CEO of 9Ato Entertainment, Hwang Bok Yonghad bet his fortune on Han So Hee and revealed that the record company had paid to have his tattoos removed.

After much deliberation, CEO Hwang decided to take all the expenses he had previously split with his business partners to bring Han So Hee. 9Ato Entertainment was formed by him, betting on his potential. It was around this time that the agency paid ₩20.0 million KRW (about US$14,900) to remove his tattoos.

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The article then describes how all of the agency’s efforts to make Han So Hee a star burst into flames overnight.

Han So Hee, who had raced to the top like a racehorse finally got her first chance, but unfortunately, it was with her now ex Ryu Jun Yeol. Everything turned into a disaster when Hyeri, who felt that the mourning period for her relationship with Ryu Jun Yeol had not yet passed, wrote: Interesting, which started a conflict. In the end, Han So Hee’s relationship ended two weeks after confirming it and the actress became a rude and careless person in the eyes of many.

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The article then said that, according to industry insiders, the record label had tried, but despite their best efforts, they were ultimately unable to control Han So Hee.

According to many industry insiders, it wasn’t that 9Ato Entertainment didn’t control Han So Hee; It was that they couldn’t. It is said that the actress has stopped listening to her agency since her K-Drama. However. It is also said that the agency had to tiptoe around Han So Hee and that she had the final say in decisions about her career.

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Netizens reacted to the report, with many claiming that the agency was trying to play the victim and use the report as a multimedia play. Netizens also took exception to the fact that the report claimed that the drama had started when Hyeri uploaded her infamous Instagram post.

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  • They are blaming Hyeri until the end!
  • This agency is playing too much of a media game.
  • The agency also plays the victim.
  • They are blaming Hyeri for everything.
  • Whatever the case, leave Hyeri alone.
  • I don’t want to see articles like this about the actor anymore.
  • The reporter is defending Han So Hee’s agency, hahaha.
  • That agency did all that and called Dispatch, but they still didn’t let Hyeri go.
  • Seeing how the agency plays the victim, it seems like they are not much different from Han So Hee.
  • It is disconcerting to see the agency attack Hyeri in their article.

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