Hannah Waddingham on waterboarding in Game of Thrones


Detailing her grueling day on set, she recalled: “I’m tied to a table with all these leather straps and I couldn’t lift my head because they said it would be too obvious that it was loose. And I said, ‘Well, I’d like it to be loose!’”

Once filming of the scene wrapped, Hannah looked a little worse for wear in a “fancy pants” lift and said, “I had grape juice all over my hair, so it turned purple. “I couldn’t talk because the Mountain (another character) had her hand over my mouth while I was screaming, and she had strap marks all over her like I had been attacked.”

“And the (elevator) doors opened and one of the other guys who had been filming something else said, ‘What happened to you?’” he laughed. “And I told him everything and he said, ‘Well, you’re lucky. I’ve been crawling through shit on my elbows for four days. And we were laughing at the fact that we’re both in game of Thronesand in some ways it doesn’t matter when you’re in Thrones. “You just want to do your best.”

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