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A screenshot of a Helldivers 2 player fending off Automaton ships.

Image: Arrowhead/Sony Game Studios

War… war never changes… or at least that’s what some people say. However, they would be wrong, because in the case of satirical cooperative shooter helldivers 2war is changing frequently—often at the behest of the players—into an endless nightmare. The war that the players signed up for when helldivers 2 released for the first time is no longer the same one they are fighting against these days. It’s only gotten worse.

After what was believed to be a decisive victory at Malevelon Creek—also known to the broader community as “Robot Vietnam”—earlier this week, helldivers 2 The players realized how cruel the victory was. Almost immediately after, Camouflaged boats were sighted. in the atmosphere above several Automata-controlled planets, heralding a grim omen of what was to come. Before long, players were reporting sightings of automaton gunships hanging in low orbit and raining hell on the battlefield. As if that weren’t bad enough, large quadruped tanks (not very different Star Wars’ AT-ATs, known as factory striders, were also detected. So don’t just do they They fly now, but they also accumulate more heat than ever.

If this sounds familiar to you it’s because helldivers 2 Players have been in this unfortunate position before. They were last here about a month ago, when Arrowhead Game Studios issued a major order (think of these as big goals for the community to work towards) to capture a group of planets and eradicate the Terminid similar to an error enemies once and for all. Although that fight was a bit longer than yesterday’s brief skirmish over Malevelon Creek, the community eventually completed the objective and the developers reported that the bugs would no longer exist. Only then, players began posting sightings of flying terminids, which until now had not been able to take flight. It seems our enemies are studying each other for new tactics to screw us over.

the latter evolution of helldivers 2The endless galactic war is disturbing, yet exciting. The constant flow of weapon advance For players, new enemy types and new narrative beats keep things eventful and constantly moving. I suspected that yesterday’s victory was too quick and efficient to not be some kind of bait, and I was glad to be right. After all, Joel(the Arrowhead developer who pulls the strings of this narrative) has never been someone easy. Every fight he’s thrown at players so far has been a long, excruciating campaign, especially when it comes to Malevelon Creek is involved.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, the Automata launched a successful counteroffensive and recaptured the Creek. That place will never know peace, and players are already theorizing that the best option is to simply wipe the planet off the galactic map. I guess it’s good to know that we are all being very calm and understanding about this loss.

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