Howard Stern has advice for Travis Kelce about Taylor Swift

Howard Stern seems to think that Travis Kelce You should see his relationship with Taylor Swift as a lucrative opportunity.

The radio legend mentioned the couple while interviewing sportscaster Stephen A. Smith. on Tuesday’s episode of his SiriusXM radio show. During his talk, Stern said the Kansas City Chiefs tight end “has” to do this for his Grammy-winning girlfriend.

“Travis Kelce has to marry Taylor Swift, right?” -Stern asked.

“Because?” Smith responded.

“Then he’ll have a movie career, he’ll be bigger than the Rock,” Stern said. “I mean, this is it. This is your chance.”

Smith responded by pointing out that Kelce would do just fine without Swift.

“First of all, let’s say this,” Smith began. “He is a two-time Super Bowl champion. He’s about to potentially be a three-time Super Bowl champion. (Kelce is) universally recognized as one of the greatest tight ends in football history. (He’s a) good-looking guy, he’s got style, he’s got talent, he’s got skill, he’s got a future in this business here once he retires from football,” Smith said, referring to his own line of work.

“He’s the complete package, okay?” Smith concluded. “And he’s a really good guy.”

But Smith also admitted that Swift’s star power shouldn’t be underestimated. She told Stern that she was never particularly interested in her music until she went to one of his Eras tour concerts in Los Angeles with her daughter.

“Man, Howard, he was off the charts,” Smith told Stern. “I loved him. I couldn’t believe how much I loved him.”

Kelce, on the other hand, was a devoted Swiftie long before attending one of her concerts.

Last year, he told his brother during an episode of his “New Heights” podcast. who tried to connect with the “Cruel Summer” singer by giving her a friendship bracelet he had made her at one of her shows at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. But it was not successful.

“I was disappointed that he doesn’t speak before or after his shows because he has to save his voice for the 44 songs he sings,” he said. “So it hurt me a little bit that I couldn’t give her one of the bracelets I made her.”

Apparently, Swift learned that he mentioned this on his podcast.and may have sparked their romance.

“This all started when Travis very adorably blew me up on his podcast, which I thought was metal as hell,” Swift said. time magazine in December. “We started dating right after that. “So we spent a significant amount of time that no one knew about, which I’m grateful because we got to know each other.”

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