Ice Spice Wore Upside-Down ‘Satanic’ Cross at Super Bowl?


Rapper Ice Spice wore an upside-down “satanic” cross at the 2024 Super Bowl.


The pendant, designed by New York jeweler Alex Moss, appears to be shaped like an inverted (upside down) cross, but there’s nothing inherently “demonic” or “satanic” about it. In Catholic tradition, the inverted cross represents the martyrdom of Saint Peter and is called the Cross of Saint Peter.

american rapper ice spice was among the celebrities who watched Super Bowl LVIII with Taylor Swift on February 11, 2024. Because of that, Spice was featured prominently in many photos and videos from the event, including those that sparked conspiracy theories about her jewelry.

Several social media posts raised alarm about Spice allegedly wearing an “inverted cross” as a pendant, a gesture popularly claimed to represent a devotion to Satanism on the part of its wearer (famous women such as chelsea clinton and Melinda Gates have faced the same accusation). All of the images that supposedly served as evidence of Spice’s “satanic” cross were low resolution and blurry, Like this post on X (formerly Twitter):

X publication claims that Ice Spice was upside down (@EndWokeness /X)

We found higher resolution images of Spice at the Super Bowl in which her pendant appears to be a Greek cross (equal arms), rather than an inverted one, although according to TMZ and other sources, the piece, designed by Alex MossIt was in fact an inverted cross, although not “satanic.”

Ice Spice with a Greek cross at the Super Bowl (Getty Images)

ice spice cross close up (Getty Images)

The belief that an inverted (face down) cross represents Satanism or literal devil worship is more widespread than accurate. These types of crosses are usually presented in popular culture as the essential accessory of every Satanist. But, in Catholicism, the inverted cross is known as the Saint Peter’s Cross and represents the martyrdom of that apostle.

In addition to the controversial (to some) cross that Spice wore at the Super Bowl, imaginative television viewers also claimed that she displayed a “demonic” hand gesture (she actually used the harmless “devil horns“sign) and was wearing clothing marked with the brand of the Balenciaga fashion house that conspiracy theorists have attempted associated with Satanism without any real evidence.

Here are similar rumors stemming from celebrity Super Bowl appearances:


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