Interview with Akansha Ranjan: All the friends I have are trying to get a south film

Akanksha Ranjan Kapoor is only a couple of films old, but she is ready to broaden her horizons and take on new challenges. “2024 has been a very good year so far,” he says, speaking to Hindustan Times. “I’ve been able to balance my work, family, friends, everything so far. It gives me a lot of peace and joy. “I like it when it’s like that.” she adds, sitting down to chat about his big debut down south with Maaya One, the shooting of which is underway in Hyderabad. Except. (Also Read: Alia Bhatt Says She Is Proud Of Her Best Friend Akansha Ranjan Kapoor As She Receives Praise For Monica, O My Darling)

Akanksha Ranjan Kapoor recently filmed for Maaya One in Hyderabad (Instagram)

‘Everything has changed and still nothing’

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Before talking about her latest work, Akansha reflects on her debut with the 2020 Netflix India film Guilty and then starring in the 2021 web series Ray and the 2022 Netflix India film Monica, O My Darling. CV Kumar’s Maaya One, the sequel to her 2017 film Maayavan, is not just her debut down south but also her debut on the big screen.

Ask her if her life has changed at all in the last three years and she will say, “In some ways, nothing has changed. My friends, dreams, hopes, aspirations and hard work remain the same. So nothing has changed in that sense. But there have been such important milestones in my career that, of course, everything has changed for me. I’m finally living the life I always dreamed of. It doesn’t hurt that he also debuts on the big screen.”

‘Maaya One is witty and interesting’

Talking about debuts, his upcoming film Maaya One will see Sundeep Kishan reprising his role of crime inspector Kumaran. Since the prequel, the ending of Maayavan, had a 40-year time jump, one wonders where the sequel fits into the timeline. Ask Akansha about it and she quickly replies, “I can’t reveal much right now, but all I can say is that the film will be great, witty and interesting. It is an action and science fiction thriller.”

He also says that before accepting this role, he watched Maayavan and that it was “ahead of its time”. “I was interested in the setup of the sequel and how it takes the story forward,” he says, adding, “Also, it’s a good time to make a south film. All the friends I have want to get a film down south because they are doing so well and getting critical acclaim. “I jumped at the opportunity when I got the offer, it was a no-brainer.”

‘Sundeep helped me lose the Bombay girl in me’

Ask Akansha about Sundeep and she calls him a “phenomenal actor.” She says, “When I first walked on the set I was hyperventilating and overly excited, but Sundeep helped me calm down. I realized that I couldn’t play this character like any other. So he taught me the intricacies of what works in the South when it comes to acting. He helped me lose the Bombay girl in me. And I think he will contribute to better performance.”

She says she also took Telugu classes to prepare for the role, although she won’t be doing the dubbing herself just yet. “I’m a bit of a tota (parrot), so more than a challenge, I find it fun to write my lines,” she laughs and adds, “I took Telugu classes as soon as I signed this project. Now I also speak with my team in that language. I hope to master it so fluently that I can dub for the second or third Telugu film myself.”

So does that mean there are more Telugu projects in the pipeline for Akansha? “Hopefully I will have more films to announce by the end of the year; They’re not going to get rid of me anytime soon,” she concludes.

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