Jennifer Garner reveals that Mark Ruffalo almost left when he was 13 and is leaving at 30

Marcos Ruffalo He totally lost his cool during filming. 13 going on 30.

Jennifer Garner revealed that her co-star in the 2004 romantic comedy reached a breaking point during a rehearsal, which almost led to the poor things actor leaves the film completely.

While honoring the 56-year-old during the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony. February 8thJennifer addressed some of Mark’s other rom-com co-stars in attendance, noting, “I wonder if these dear ladies enjoyed Mark’s anxiety as much as I did?”

And the electra star, who later re-teamed with Mark in the 2022 Netflix film The Adam ProjectHe did not hesitate to reveal the exact scene that allowed him to witness his rare moment of panic.

“I wonder if he tried to abandon his movies like he did ours after the first ‘Thriller’ dance rehearsal,” Jennifer continued, “where Mark went from being a little surprised that we had to do this, to anxious, to silent sepulchral, ​​to, ‘Brother, this is not for me.'”

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