Kim Woojin Talks About His Feelings About His Past Controversy Including Leaving Stray Kids


“After leaving the team…”

K-Pop idol Woojin has opened up about his feelings regarding his past controversy, including his departure from Stray Kids.

K-Pop idol Woojin | @woooojin0408/Instagram

On April 1, Woojin released a new video titled “Reverse: Breaking The Silence.”

In addition to talking about his schedules and releasing music, Woojin indirectly talked about the controversy that occurred at the beginning of his idol career. During the video, he explained that after “Experience that nonsense” He wanted to speak more clearly about himself.

Woojin shared his thoughts on the controversy, referring to it as a “peculiar case” and how his silence or attempt to ignore it actually escalated the situation.

He then added that despite trying to talk about the issue, the comments ignored what he had to say and made harsh comments.

It made him feel frustrated.

He even referred to the moment he had to leave Stray Kids and added: “I’m really sorry”.

Woojin was honest when he said that, at that moment, he focused on his own situation first.

The idol then apologized to everyone who was hurt or impacted by what happened at that time.

Woojin ended by saying that he now wants to focus on his own music and provide comfort through his releases.

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