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The primacy of humanity is over. The era of the Unggoy, TRUE Grunty’s greatness has arrived, heralded by the release of The Yappening II, sponsored by Glibnub!

This new Operation brings with it the abundant benefits of new Grunt-themed customization rewards, a new map created in infinite halo‘s Forge, the Gruntpocalypse playlist and more.


“You know, you demons could learn a lot from the Unggoy! One of the things you need to improve is looking good. So Yapyap has personally created some interesting new armor. just for you. The only thing is, I dropped it in this pool of acid, so… you’re going to have to jump in there and fish it out.”

The Operation Yappening Pass II features 20 levels of free customization rewards that will turn your seven-foot-tall super soldier into a god among Grunts.

Progress your Operation Pass by completing Match and Challenge XP, and unlock new armor, plating, weapon charms, emblems and nameplates, and visors to further refine your customization.

Additional premium options for the Operation Pass include:

  • 500 credits will make the Operation Pass durable (it won’t expire), offer additional XP during the Operation live window, an additional challenge slot while your pass is equipped, and comes with an exclusive customization item.
  • 2,000 credits instantly unlock all 20 Operation Pass tiers upon purchase and include the exclusive bonus customization item.

The additional Premium Operation Pass item for The Yappening II is Glibnub’s Golden Weapons.

Halo Infinite image of three Spartans holding weapons with the weapon covering Glibnub's golden weapons.

NOTE: Glibnub has sent out a missive that any human who points out that the coloration of these weapon coatings “looks more like bronze or orange to me” will have their Grunt privileges revoked and must spend an hour in the acid pits to understand their mistake. his ways.


“Have you ever noticed that we film a lot in refineries, factories and places with big boxes? Why can’t humans at least make the boxes more fun: make them round instead of square? Imagine a bunch of humans running to keep their boxes from escaping! Perfect for Unggoy target practice!

Halo Infinite image of Spartans fighting on the Corrosion map

Set in an abandoned mineral refinery within the vast deserts of Zeta Halo, Corrosion is a new Arena map created in infinite haloThe Forge.

Watch your step during foot skirmishes, as even Mjolnir armor won’t be able to protect you for long if you venture into the boiling green pits of acid that surround this site.

Corrosion will arrive in the game in the third week of the Operation with a 24/7 custom playlist that will allow you to splash around and get your feet wet (at your own risk) to entertain Glibnub.


“Four of you against a thousand of us? Surely We have to win this time!

Halo Infinite image from Gruntpocalypse mode showing the Spartans facing off against the Grunts

Along with The Yappening II, Firefight: King of the Hill is evolving into its ultimate form: Gruntpocalypse!

For the next two weeks (April 3-16), it will be all Grunts all the time. Skulls are guaranteed every round, and there’s also a Party version that features random loadouts with each appearance, so get ready to jump into the Gruntpocalypse playlist tomorrow and take on the more powerful braver The numerically superior army in the galaxy.


Yappening Halo Team Reward Pin Image

Glibnub has been instructed to shower you with Grunty gifts for your show of loyalty to the great Yapyap and celebrate your completion of The Yappening II with a new Halo Gear reward!

Like the pins offered during Season 3, the limited edition Yappening pin is accompanied by additional patches for Operations Spirit of Fire and Cyber ​​Showdown III.

Players who complete any of the three Operation Passes for Spirit of Fire, Cyber ​​Showdown III, or The Yappening II will gain access to the reward. Qualifying players will automatically receive a code in their Waypoint notifications.


Head to the store at infinite halo and you will find the Marks of Balaho pack, all profits raised will go to the Banished in Zeta Halo after the Master Chief killed Escharum and a group of his other guys…

  • dokkaebi helmet
  • AweSpex Helmet Accessory
  • Glowbox Armored Shoulders
  • Hold Breathing Plate Chest Attachment
  • Fidget Keepawake Hip Accessory
  • Monkey paw gloves
  • Potential Benefit Armor Plating
  • Foreman helmet
  • Blue Cornet Helmet Accessory
  • Blue Steel Shoulder Pads
  • Bluesteel Heartplate Chest Accessory
  • Bluesteel Riprail Hip Accessory
  • blue steel gloves
  • Cerulean Expression Armor Coating
  • SPNKr Vicious Weapon Model
  • Salvage Rights Weapon Skin
  • Effect of death by spontaneous combustion.
  • Rhythm and Ruin Mythic Effect Set
  • Balaho armor effect markings.
Halo Infinite image from the Balaho pack

Complete all of your challenges this week to unlock your free ultimate reward: the Scav Patch hip accessory. Er… thanks, Glibnub.

Halo Infinite Image of the Ultimate Scav Patch Reward

For many years you have fought against the Unggoy, but now the time has come to embrace them and become one of them.

The Yappening II is available today. Start working on that Operation Pass to earn your fancy new armor and Halo Gear rewards, and get ready for the arrival of Corrosion and the Gruntpocalypse playlist!


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