Mark Estes admits he was ‘a little nervous’ on first date with Kristin Cavallari: ‘She’s the total package’




Mark Estes admits he had some butterflies before his first date with Kristin Cavallari.

“I think, like any first date, I was definitely a little nervous,” said the athlete, who makes up a third of the popular TikTok group Montana Boyz, he told Page Six exclusively in a new interview. “But yeah, it was great, and yeah, I would say there was instant chemistry right away.”

Estes officially asked the “Laguna Beach” alum out for the first time on February 13, just before Valentine’s Day. Since then, the two have not been shy about showing their love for each other, whether in public, on social media, or in various interviews.

Mark Estes spoke exclusively to Page Six about his romance with Kristin Cavallari. markets/Instagram
The TikTok star admitted he was “definitely a little nervous” before their first date on February 13. markets/Instagram

“She’s very confident,” the content creator gushed about Cavallari, who shares children Camden, 11, Jaxon, 9, and Saylor, 8, with her ex-husband Jay Cutler. “Obviously she is beautiful. She is also an amazing person and a great mother. So, yeah, pretty much (the) complete package.”

Estes was joined in the interview by his Montana Boyz bandmates Kaleb Winterburn and Kade “Cutter” Wilcox. Winterburn told Us that he, too, felt “instant” chemistry between Estes and Cavallari when they met in real life for the first time during a group meeting in Nashville, Tennessee, in January.

“Being with her at first I thought, ‘Oh my God, this is crazy,’” he recalled, with Wilcox adding, “She’s super cool in person.”

“There was instant chemistry right away,” he gushed. markets/Instagram
The two first connected on social media after Estes sent the “Laguna Beach” alum a DM. kristincavallari/Instagram

Estes and Cavallari first connected over Instagram last fall after the “Hills” alum discovered the Montana Boyz on her TikTok “For You Page” in September 2023.

Uncommon founder James received a direct message from the trio’s IG account saying “I love you,” which Cavallari later discovered was from his “favorite,” Estes.

Winterburn told Page Six that he remembers his friend being ecstatic when he saw Cavallari’s response.

“He was just excited,” Winterburn said of Estes. “He got up the courage to do it and then did it on the wrong account (instead of his personal one). “Then she saw it and he was pretty excited the next day.”

“She’s very confident,” Estes said of Cavallari. markets/Instagram
“Obviously she’s beautiful,” he continued. “So, yeah, pretty much (the) complete package.” kristincavallari/Instagram

Estes, 24, and Cavallari, 37, finally launched their relationship in February while vacationing together in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

While many fans praised the reality star for showing off her new man at the time, others took to the comments section to weigh in on the 13-year age difference.

“You definitely have to block it out, just have tunnel vision; “We have a vision of where we’re going and what we want to do in the future,” Estes said in response to any kind of criticism he and the Montana Boyz receive online. “So we didn’t really let that get in our way.”

Estes and Cavallari went Instagram official in February while vacationing in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. kristincavallari/Instagram
“It definitely needs to be blocked,” Estes said in response to critics weighing in on their 13-year age difference. Instagram/@markestes

As for Winterburn and Wilcox? They told us they’re enjoying the single life until the “right” person comes along, and noted that they’ve also received a few celebrities through their DMs.

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“I mean, yeah, we’ve definitely been filming some takes,” Winterburn confessed, bursting into laughter.

“We have some direct messages,” Wilcox added. “We can’t elaborate on any names, but… we’re definitely single.”

Estes makes up one-third of the popular TikTok group Montana Boyz. themontanaboyz/Instagram

Before finding fame on TikTok, the three boys were athletes who played college football together at Montana Technical College. They told us they also loved hunting, fishing, and participating in “classic Montana stuff” growing up.

“I definitely don’t think we were ‘most likely to be famous on TikTok’ by any means,” Wilcox joked, when asked what they were like in high school and if they earned any superlatives.

“We’re fools, no doubt,” Winterburn added.

The group, including Kaleb Winterburn (pictured), recently moved to Nashville. kcamp.5/Instagram
The Montana Boyz were created by “accident” when Kade Wilcox (above) took out his phone and filmed them one day.

Estes, Winterburn and Wilcox told Page Six that the creation of Montana Boyz, who now have nearly 750,000 followers on TikTok and 238,000 on Instagram, actually happened by “accident” when they were playing a drinking game called beer die in University.

“Cutter set up his phone and said, ‘Hey guys, let’s do a TiKTok.’ He got a lot of views and we were like, ‘Alright, let’s post more of these,’ and it kind of became what it is now,” Winterburn recalled of the first lip-sync clips of him.

“Honestly, it was pure happiness,” she added of her reaction to finding out her first video went viral. “It was the first time all our phones exploded. We thought, ‘Oh, this is addictive.'”

The Montana Boyz have since moved to Nashville, a short distance from where Cavallari resides in Franklin, Tennessee. Winterburn admitted that the move has been “a culture shock, for sure,” but told us that they have collectively been “having fun” as a group. group and meet new people.

Their joint account currently has almost 750,000 followers on TikTok. Instagram/@markestes
“It was pure bliss,” Winterburn recalled of his first viral video “blowing up” his phones. kcamp.5/Instagram
Wilcox joked that in the past no one would have chosen them as “most likely to be famous on TikTok.” kade.wilcox/Instagram

“Nashville was the closest thing to the Montana lifestyle and obviously to country music,” Estes explained. “It kind of fits with our whole vibe of what’s on our platform and what we’re looking for.”

As far as the future of the Montana Boyz is concerned, they hope to grow their TikTok by showing “more personality and humor” in his videoswhile also promoting Belmont Acreshis new clothing brand that gives a percentage of profits to Montana ranchers.

They told us they would also be interested in someday appearing on reality TV (perhaps something centered around hunting season) and wouldn’t be opposed to joining a competition show like “Dancing With the Stars.”

“I don’t know how long we would last! (But) yes, we would try it. I hope to try all those kinds of things,” Winterburn said, and Wilcox added, “I think if we had practice, we could do it.”

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