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NASA’s online chronicles of distant galaxies, planetary wonders, and fascinating nebulae often provoke collective amazement. That’s how you’ll probably feel after seeing this incredible image of a “celestial snow angel” located 2,000 light years from our planet.

This NASA photograph shows a “celestial snow angel flying in space.” (Instagram/@nasa)

The image was captured by NASA’s Hubble Telescope and shows the Sharpless Nebula 2-106. This star-forming region resembles a “celestial snow angel flying in space.”

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“Twin lobes of hot gas create ‘wings’ that extend outward from the central star against the backdrop of a cold medium. A ring of dust that acts as a belt is girding the nebula into an ‘hourglass’ shape,” NASA wrote while sharing the image.

The space agency also added a detailed description of the image. “In the center of the image, two bipolar lobes of hot light blue gas. Dark red veins surround the nebula’s blue emission. In the middle of the lobes surrounded by red dust is a young star known as IRS-4. The faint light emanating from the central star is reflected by small dust particles. Red dust and bright stars surround the nebula at the bottom of the darkness of space,” the organization published.

Take a look at this beautiful image:

The post was shared a day ago. Since then, the stock has accumulated over 4.9 lakh likes. Furthermore, it has accumulated tons of comments from people.

How did Instagram users react to this NASA publication?

“This looks majestic,” one Instagram user posted. “It’s truly a sight to behold, I can only imagine what it would look like with the naked eye,” another shared. “Thank you, NASA, for always bringing us the wonders of the universe!” expressed a third. “How beautiful,” commented a fourth. “What a beautiful angel,” wrote a fifth.

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