NewJeans fans under fire after berating legendary singer for mentioning the group in now-deleted post


The NewJeans fans’ actions backfired.

March 30th, NewJeans He was seen filming a secret project in Taipei.

NewJeans 1
NewJeans filming in Taipei | theqoo

However, this seemingly harmless news turned into a massive controversy as fans and staff did not want it to spread, while netizens believed that they had no right to silence everyone.

Controversy erupts after NewJeans seen filming in the streets

When controversy broke out, a legendary singer found himself in the middle of the situation. the singer is Ashin Chenthe vocalist of May Daywhich debuted in Taiwan more than 25 years ago.

May 1
Ashin Chen, vocalist of Mayday | @ashin_ig/Instagram

Mayday has sold out and continues to fill large stadiums with its concerts. In particular, they have performed 20 sold-out shows at the Beijing National Stadium, with a capacity of 60,000 to 90,000 seats depending on the configuration. They are also rumored to be playing ten more shows there this year, and all of the shows are expected to sell out, which is no easy feat for a band that has been touring Asia and around the world every year for the last 10 years. .

May 2
Mayday performing at the Beijing National Stadium | @imayday55555/Instagram

Aside from his music, Mayday is known for his candid chats and light-hearted banter with his fans while on tour. When NewJeans was seen filming, Mayday held a concert in Kaohsiung, a city south of Taipei.

After the band’s show on March 30, Ashin posted on Threadsapparently mocking his age and that of his members, as they are all over 45 years old.

May 3

The new jeans are in Taipei.
The old jeans are at the Kaohsiung National Stadium!
We just got off the stage.

-Ashin Chen

NewJeans fans immediately flooded his comments, telling him to delete the post and accusing him of trying to profit from NewJeans’ popularity.

May 4th

While Ashin ended up deleting the post, netizens were dissatisfied with the “attitude” of NewJeans fans, and things escalated from an innocent post to NewJeans fans “emotionally blackmailing” celebrities and netizens into deleting their posts. publications. Eventually, the general public began attacking NewJeans fans and staff for their actions.

May 5th

  • “They wanted to control the netizens but they ended up trying to control Ashin. Deserved.”

  • “The fans wanted to restrict information, but it completely backfired on them.”

  • “They forced Ashin to delete his post, but as a result… his own idol suffered the consequences…”

  • “Crazy fans wanted to keep it a secret, but now all of Taiwan knows. Very funny.”

  • “I like NewJeans, but this will definitely negatively affect how non-fans view them.”

  • “Some fans say Ashin deleted his post because NewJeans are popular. You just have to congratulate NewJeans no matter what.”

  • “The main point is, who are NewJeans fans to force Ashin to delete his post?”

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