Nickelodeon ‘Zoey 101’ Star Matthew Underwood Says He Quit Acting After Officer Assaulted Him


Nickelodeon star Matthew Underwood Zoey 101shares that he was harassed and sexually assaulted by his former agent.

In a post shared on social media, the former actor revealed that the experience with the agent is what made him stop acting.

“When I was 19, I was sexually harassed and then assaulted by my agent at the time, who had spent a good amount of time building trust in me as a friend and mentor. “Once again, my trust was betrayed and my self-image was crushed,” Underwood wrote in a statement shared on instagram. “I reported him to the agency and he has since been fired, although he is still active in the industry. This experience caused him to move me away from Los Angeles and end my pursuit of acting.”

Underwood shed light on this situation after Investigation Discovery’s investigation. Silence on the set: The dark side of children’s televisionwhich brings accusations against Dan Schneider, the creator of Zoey 101. The former actor claims he shared this story after being called a “pedophile defender” and defended his co-stars for staying silent about the docuseries.

“Lately a lot of people have been blowing up my email saying they hope my mom and I die and burn in hell, calling me a pedophile defender and all that jazz,” he wrote. “I have spent many years rebuilding my self-image and those hateful words have little effect on me today.”

He continued: “I imagine many friends in the business are being similarly harassed if they don’t join the chorus, so I share this in the hope that some of you can recognize that just because a person doesn’t shout from the rooftops that pedophiles are bad or people are disgusting, that doesn’t mean they don’t have their own reasons for staying silent, good reasons, personal reasons.”

Underwood played Logan Reese on the Nickelodeon series for all four seasons of the comedy with co-stars Jamie Lynn Spears, Erin Sanders, Sean Flynn and Christopher Messey, among others. He reprized his role as Logan in the 2023 sequel. zoey 102.

“I’ve never had a bad experience working on the set of a Nickelodeon show and I’ve never had a bad experience with Dan. “I have nothing to add to the conversation that anyone would like to hear,” Underwood added. “I like to believe that people have the ability to be better humans and Dan seems to recognize that he had been a jerk in his past. I like to believe that he is fully capable of being a creator and a coworker that everyone can enjoy working with. I have no expectations of working with him again, I just want good for anyone who wants to be better.”

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