Poonam Pandey lands in trouble for faking her own death, slapped with Rs 100 crore defamation case

Author: JE Entertainment Desk
Wednesday, February 14, 2024 08:43 am (IST)

Actress and model Poonam Pandey and her husband Sam Bombay are embroiled in legal trouble after the former faked his own death. The couple is reportedly facing a defamation suit worth Rs 100 million. The actress has been accused of “undermining the seriousness of cancer and exploiting the emotions and trust of millions” through her fake death.

Faizan Ansari, a resident of Mumbai, filed a complaint with the Kanpur police commissioner against Poonam and Sam. In the FIR, Ansari accuses them of orchestrating a “fake death conspiracy” and downplaying serious diseases like cancer for their own publicity purposes. He claims the couple’s actions not only betrayed the trust of millions of Indians but also damaged the reputation of the Bollywood industry.

“Poonam Pandey and her husband Sameer Bombay have concocted a fake death conspiracy. Also, they have made a joke about diseases like cancer. Poonam orchestrated the drama for publicity purposes and played with the emotions of millions of Indians and the Bollywood film. industry,” says TOI’s FIR report.

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Poonam Pandey’s fake death

The internet was abuzz with reports about Poonam Pandey’s alleged death due to cervical cancer, causing a stir on various social media platforms. However, what initially seemed like a tragic incident turned out to be a surprising publicity stunt devised by Poonam and his associates to shed light on the disease.

On February 2, a post on her verified Instagram account announced her presumed death from cervical cancer. However, a day later, Poonam resurfaced on Instagram, admitting to orchestrating her own death hoax as a means to raise awareness about cervical cancer. In an Instagram video, she said: “I’m alive. I didn’t die from cervical cancer. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same for those hundreds and thousands of women who have lost their lives to cervical cancer.”

Sharing the video, Poonam wrote, “I feel compelled to share something important with you all: I am here, alive. Cervical cancer did not take my life, but tragically, it has taken the lives of thousands of women due to to the lack of knowledge on how to address this disease. The stunt was not universally positive, with numerous celebrities, including Kangana Ranaut and Karan Kundrra, expressing criticism of the actress.

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