Popular actress exposed for bullying


The actress’s label responded to the accusations.

A popular actress has been accused of being a school bully.

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On April 4, it was reported that a post exposing an actress, known as “J,” had gone viral.

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According to the author of the post, “J” stole clothes and uniforms from other students. The author reveals that the actress cursed and intimidated students who resisted.

He took and stole students’ clothes and gym uniforms. If you didn’t give it to her, she would curse you and you would become a target for harassment. I resisted too and that’s why they called me a crazy bitch at school. She would chase me into the bathroom, kick the door in, and wouldn’t leave until we were all scared and quiet.

– Author

The author of the post then stated that they and other victims of “J” had been posting in communities, but that “J”‘s agency had been deleting the posts.

Myself and other victims of “J” have been posting constantly, but “J’s” agency has been deleting posts at lightning speed. Don’t you think it’s because they have something to hide? I’m gathering courage because when I see “J’s” face I get so angry that I can’t do anything else.

– Author

According to Star Today, “J’s” agency has since stated that they would release a statement regarding the allegations surrounding their actress.

We are currently preparing a statement. We will contact you once it is ready.

— “J” Agency

Stay tuned for updates.

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