Rebel Wilson claims that Adele ‘hates’ her and ‘didn’t like being compared’ to the actress during her ‘older’ years



Rebel Wilson revealed why she thinks Adele “hates” her.Getty Images for the Red Sea IFF

Rebel Wilson thinks Adele “hates” her, all because of the way people used to “confuse” them with each other in the past.

The “Pitch Perfect” actress, 44, made the claim in her upcoming memoir, “Rebel Rising,” according to an excerpt. obtained by us weekly.

“Some actresses would be offended if I called them plus-size in this book, so I have to be careful what I say. “I think that’s why Adele hates me,” she wrote in the book, which hits shelves Tuesday.

The actress got candid in her new book, “Rebel Rising.” Instagram/@rebelwilson
“Some actresses would be offended if I called them plus-size,” he alleges in the book. rebelwilson/Instagram

“There was a time when she was older and some people were confusing us with each other,” Wilson continued, noting that she was making an assumption about the “Easy On Me” singer.

“To be fair, I’ve never asked him,” she admitted.

The Australian actress also claimed that she crossed paths with Adele at several events. However, when he tried to approach her, the Grammy winner would allegedly back away from her “always quickly.”

Wilson claimed that every time he tried to get close to Adele, the Grammy winner “always quickly” walked away. Getty Images for The Recording Academy
“As if my fatness could rub off on her,” he added. fake images

“As if my fatness would rub off on her if I was around her for more than thirty seconds,” he joked.

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“She didn’t like being compared to ‘Fat Amy,'” Wilson said, referring to her iconic character from the “Pitch Perfect” franchise.

Page Six has contacted Adele’s representatives for comment.

The “Pitch Perfect” star also wrote about Sacha Baron Cohen in the book. ©Universal/Courtesy Everett Collection
He called the “Borat” actor a “big jerk.” GC Images

Wilson’s memoir has also been in the headlines after she named Sacha Baron Cohen a “huge jerk” she was “scared” of while filming “The Brothers Grimsby.”

“I felt like every time I talked to SBC, he mentioned that he wanted me to appear naked in a future scene,” Wilson stated in an excerpt from the book. posted by people. “I was like, ‘Ha, I don’t do nudity, Sacha.’”

The “Borat” actor, 52, reportedly summoned her “to film an additional scene” for his 2016 action movie.

“Then he pulls down his pants,” he alleged. “SBC says matter-of-factly, ‘Okay, now I want you to stick your finger in my ass.’ And I say, ‘What?’ … No!!'”

Cohen called Wilson’s claims about his behavior on the set of his 2016 film “demonstrably false.” Instagram/@rebelwilson

The “Bridesmaids” actress said she “finally got engaged” by slapping him on the butt and improvising “some lines” so she could “get out of there.”

Cohen has since called Wilson’s claims “demonstrably false.” His representative told Page Six that the allegations were “directly contradicted by extensive and detailed evidence, including contemporary documents, film footage and eyewitness accounts from those present before, during and after production.”

However, the “Senior Year” star has doubled down on her accusations, writing on social media last week that she will not “be threatened.”

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