Saif Ali Khan opens up about abusive marriage to Amrita Singh |

Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan They are one of the most popular couples in Bollywood. Before dating Kareena, Saif was married to an actor. Amrita Singh. Saif and Amrita married in January 1991 and divorced in 2004 after 13 years of marriage.
The ‘Adipurush’ star was silent about his divorce, but in an interview in 2005 he spoke a lot about his troubled marriage and was allegedly labeled as irresponsible.
In an interview with the Telegraph, Saif Ali Khan spoke about dealing with domestic abuse and emotional cost took care of him. She expressed discomfort at being incessantly reminded of his perception of futility, enduring ridicule, ridicule, insults and abuse directed at his mother and sister. During this challenging period, Saif, reportedly in a relationship with Rosa, highlighted the positive impact of being with someone who made him feel valued and worthy.
The actor also reflected on his past struggles, stating, “I’ve experienced it all and now I feel healed. If I’ve found someone who really makes me feel valued, what’s wrong with that?” Recounting a time when praise seemed implausible, he highlighted his improved self-esteem and now welcomes positive comments as something natural for a star.
Talking about his relationship with his children, Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan, Saif expressed his desire to be a part of their lives without constant conflicts. She emphasized not wanting to get involved in protracted legal battles over custody, saying: “If they have to be taken away, let them be called Sara Singh and Ibrahim Singh. When my daughter turns 18, let her ask, ‘Where were you, Dad?’ Did we need you?'”
Saif also revealed that he is obligated to provide Amrita with Rs 5 million and has already disbursed around Rs 2.5 million. In addition, he also contributes Rs 1 lakh per month until his daughter turns 18 years old. He said that unlike Shah Rukh Khan, he does not possess that level of wealth. Despite not having abundant resources, he is committed to meeting his financial responsibilities. He added that every dollar earned in advertising, shows and movies is dedicated to his children.
In the same interview, Saif went on to say, “Let me die of shame. But please don’t kill me with constant guilt just because I had the courage to finally walk away from an impossible relationship to find some solace.”

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