Selena Gomez releases new song ‘Love On’


She is not a cheap thrill.
Photo: Selena Gómez / YouTube

Where does Selena Gomez find the time? Despite staying busy gossiping with Taylor Swift at awards shows, introducing Benny Blanco to Steve Martin, and preparing to play Linda Ronstadt and Alex Russo, she’s managed to make time to release even more pop excellence. Her latest single “Love On” is officially available, marking her long-awaited follow-up to last summer’s “Single Soon.”

In the new song, Gomez sings, “Wait until I turn on my love,” before posing questions like, “Why are we talking about this steak tartare when we could be somewhere else but here kissing in the back of a car?” ? Or in the back of a bar? Or could we make a memory? Yes, on the back wall of the last bathroom stall in the bazaar? Despite what the rhyme scheme may suggest, the song it was not written by Stephen Sondheim, but Gómez co-wrote it with Isaiah Tejada, Jordan K. Johnson, Julia Michaels, Michael Pollack and Stefan Johnson. The video shows Gomez frolicking in a castle full of kisses, a French bulldog, and what we can only assume is a shot that involved putting a GoPro on a croissant.

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