Selma Blair apologizes for Islamophobic comment

Actress Selma Blair apologized Tuesday for what she said was an error in judgment after comments condemned as Islamophobic went viral this month.

“I wrongly and inadvertently conflated Muslims with radical and fundamentalist Islamists, a terrible mistake in my words, which resulted in hurting countless people that was never my intention, and I deeply regret it,” Blair said. wrote ohOn Instagram.

Blair, who played Vivian Kensington in “Legally Blonde” and Liz Sherman in “Hellboy,” among other films, sparked controversy last week by commenting on a social media post by Abraham Hamra, an immigration reform advocate.

Hamra criticized Reps. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., and Cori Bush, D-Mo., for vote against a measure that would prevent anyone who participated in the October 7 terrorist attack on Israel from immigrating to the US.

Tlaib said the measure was “redundant to existing federal law.” Bush called it “an empty message bill that Republicans are using to attack immigrants and incite anti-Palestinian hatred.”

Blair wrote on Tuesday that “as soon as I was informed of my mistake I deleted the comment.”

“Hate and misinformation are so easily amplified these days. This time by my own hands,” Blair wrote. “In this case, I was wrong in my writing and I fully acknowledge how I contributed to the Muslim community being understandably very upset.”

In his now-deleted comment, Blair wrote: “Deport all these thugs who support terrorism. Islam has destroyed the Muslim countries and then they come here and destroy the minds. They know they are liars. Twisted justifications. May they find their destiny.”

Regular X users criticized Blair and said the comment was bigotry, as did the Council on American-Islamic Relations, an advocacy group.

Blair is Jewish. On October 7, Hamas carried out terrorist attacks against Israel targeting civilians, and Israel responded by declaring war on Hamas and attacking targets in Gaza, which Hamas controls.

The number of people killed in Gaza has surpassed 28,000, according to health officials there. The civilian toll in densely populated Gaza has also been criticized by United Nations officials and others.

“I am dedicated to tolerance and peace for all who want it, not hate,” Blair wrote Tuesday. “I apologize to those in the Muslim community whom I offended with my words. I apologize to my friends. And I apologize to anyone I hurt. And I will do better.”

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