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But what do other outlets have to say about Nintendo’s next big 2024 release? We’ll see.

We will start with eurogamerwith Tom Phillips’ hands-on preview highlighting much of the ease we mentioned, but seemingly finding a little less charm in it:

While the set design may look somewhat familiar, the game’s set of initial levels feels like a more amateur production aimed at a younger audience, especially considering how low the difficulty of said levels is.

On the other hand, IGNBrian Altano found a lot to love in his preview, particularly praising the level variation and how the game manages to stand out from the Mario crowd:

From what I’ve played, Princess Peach: Showtime is completely self-contained, completely decoupled from the traditional Mario game, and during my time with it, I was very impressed with how different and special each stage looked and felt.

Michael McWhertor’s article for Polygon He once again highlighted how charming the game is, highlighting the level’s replayability as a notably strong point. However, the preview of it mentions some performance issues, so that might be something to keep in mind.

As Super Mario Bros. Wonder, Princess Peach: Show time! It seems to be full of great, scene-changing moments.

For VGCAndy Robinson praised the transformations shown in the trailer and once again stated how enjoyable the starting levels are:

The early stages are played out with enough charm, variety and brevity (each finishes in about 20 minutes) that, for the first hour at least, they make for a truly delightful variety show, especially for younger players.

Finally, for game pointSteve Watts considered Showtime to be “a tasting menu of different genres” and appreciated the opportunity it will create for younger gamers to try them all:

It’s a good idea to let Princess Peach, fresh from her starring role in the hit Mario movie, gently usher in a new generation of gamers.

There you have it, a summary of what critics thought after a short time with the game. Princess Peach: Show time! The presentation will begin on Switch on March 22.

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