Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce ‘will spend some private time together’ after the Super Bowl after being apart for a couple of weeks… but the tight end is ‘still determined to let loose’ in Las Vegas if the Chiefs win

By Jake Fenner for Dailymail.Com

23:55 February 10, 2024, updated 01:36 February 11, 2024

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  • The couple have been busy with work commitments and have not seen each other.
  • Travis and Taylor will retire to a private villa on Lake Las Vegas after the game.
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Thanks to the Super Bowl being played on the West Coast this year, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will have some time to catch up privately after the big game.

With Taylor kicking off the 2024 leg of her ‘Eras’ tour overseas and Travis busy practicing for Super Bowl LVIII, the pair haven’t been able to see each other much in recent weeks.

But thanks to the game ending early, The Sun reports that Travis and Taylor will have some private time after the Super Bowl concludes.

The couple will have some time away from the rest of the team with Travis, Taylor and their family booking accommodation separately.

This is while the Chiefs stay nearby at The Westin Lake Las Vegas Resort and Spa.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce will have some alone time after the Super Bowl concludes
Above: The Las Vegas villa where Travis Kelce will stay during Super Bowl week
If the Chiefs win, Travis will be “determined to let himself go” in the club with his teammates

With the game ending around 9:00 pm local time, Taylor and Travis will be able to see each other for the first time in a long time.

The big game is scheduled to kick off at 6:30 p.m. ET (3:30 p.m. local time) on Sunday, so there will be plenty of time to spend the night celebrating if Kansas City emerges victorious.

The two have been busy due to work commitments and will finally get a chance to spend some time alone once the game is over.

After the two of you have a chance to freshen up, you’ll head out again for a night on the town at the Strip’s luxurious nightclubs.

The Sun says Travis is “determined to let himself go” if they win, while Taylor will join him or party with other players’ wives and girlfriends.

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