Taylor Swift Wears Baby Bunny Outfit in Easter Throwback


Taylor Swift

Rocker baby bunny outfit…

In cute throwback video

Taylor Swift is approaching Easter with a little throwback clip for her fans, showing her a sweet baby dressed as a bunny… although it was a nice month before the holiday back then.

In honor of the Easter holiday, TaylorNation, the IG account run by Tay’s management team, released the adorable clip of baby TS in her mother’s arms during what many assumed was her first Easter.

However, detectives have become aware of the fact that the date shown on the video was not actually Easter Sunday 1990. It turns out that the holiday actually fell on April 15 of that year.

Still, Taylor’s team never claimed the images were from the Swifts’ Easter celebration in 1990. What it really is is that her team is using the images/holiday to mock the singer’s love of planting Easter eggs. throughout his career… something Swifties know. very good.

They wrote in the caption… “Throwing Easter eggs since 1989. What’s your favorite that you’ve found through the ages?”

As for how Taylor will spend this Easter… it’s unclear, because she’s being as low-key as possible these days, although she occasionally pops up with Travis Kelce here and there in Los Angeles since they both enjoy their long breaks from work.

In any case…she’s giving a shout-out to Easter anyway.

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