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There will be a lie-filled Tesla ad coming out today at the Superbowl, but it doesn’t come from Tesla.

After years of resisting, Tesla has begun advertising over the past year.

Recently, the automaker has stepped up its advertising effort with more ads on X and even video ads on YouTube.

It doesn’t look like Tesla is ready to jump into the holy grail of advertising, Super Bowl ads, but that doesn’t mean it won’t appear in one.

“The Dawn Project” announced that it will play not one but two Tesla ads during Super Bowl LVIII:

Dan O’Dowd, a self-proclaimed billionaire and founder of Green Hills Software, a private company that makes operating systems and programming tools, is behind The Dawn Project.

In 2022, O’Dowd had launched a Senate campaign in his home state of California, but the tech executive made it pretty clear that he’s running a single-issue campaign, and that issue is America’s full self-driving program. Tesla.

Under the cover of political ads, he invested several million dollars in an advertising campaign to attack Tesla’s Beta autonomous driving program, with the aim of banning it on public roads in the United States.

Although O’Dowd lost his Senate effort, the campaign continued under the name “The Dawn Project” and continued to frequently attack Tesla with ads and social media posts.

Tesla ended up sending a cease-and-desist letter to Project Dawn over the campaign, but that didn’t deter the group, which actually launched an anti-Tesla ad at the Super Bowl last year.

Now they have done it again.

Electrek’s opinion

Now, if you’ve been following my Tesla FSD Beta coverage on electrek, you know I’m not the biggest fan of the show. I love what Tesla is trying to accomplish, but I don’t like that they decided to sell the feature before it’s truly complete.

The delays have also made the path to autonomous driving increasingly murky. In my own experience, FSD Beta can be dangerous to use if you don’t approach it as intended, that is, keeping your hands on the wheel and being ready to take control at all times.

But despite all those problems, I think Project Dawn’s alarmist approach is bad.

It is even potentially defamatory. I don’t know how they can say that “it took 33 lives.” I’m assuming they’re talking about fatal crashes where one or more FSD autopilot beta features were activated, but that doesn’t mean those features were the cause of the crashes.

In almost every case we’ve seen, the data ultimately revealed that the driver was not paying attention. The way The Dawn Project frames the Tesla accidents would be the equivalent of saying that in all accidents where cruise control would be active, cruise control would be responsible. Has no sense.

Now, that leads to an area of ​​criticism that I think is fair, and that is that Tesla’s driver monitoring is poor compared to the competition. Efficient driver monitoring can help ensure that drivers pay attention.

It’s probably a point I agree with The Dawn Project on, but I don’t know if it justifies demonizing FSD Beta in a Super Bowl ad.

It’s also important to note that O’Dowd’s intention is not necessarily purely altruistic: trying to stop Tesla from killing children. As it happens, his company, Green Hills Software, makes automotive driver-assist software. You could say that it is a competitor to Tesla Autopilot. Coincidence?

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