TikToker criticized for saying ‘SNL’ never hired an attractive woman

In a now-viral video posted to TikTok, a user who goes by the name Jahelis makes the truly wild claim that in just under 50 years, “Saturday Night Live” has never cast an “attractive woman” as part of the show’s main ensemble. program. And the reactions to that swing and miss have not been favorable.

“Everyone has a look that you grow to like over time,” Jahelis says, using current cast member Heidi Gardner as her first example, though, in the clip, she leaves her name blank while repeatedly using the word ” parody” when it should. be “sketch.” Being that “Saturday Night Live” is a comedy show and all.

“They do every sketch that she’s in, at least one sketch per episode that she’s in, playing someone super sexy and super dumb and the point of the joke is that she’s super pretty. And it always makes me laugh because, no.” It’s an insult to her, but she’s not that pretty,” he says of Gardner, then adds, “Why don’t they hire prettier people? Is it television?”

Jumping to the defense of Gardner, Gilda Radner’s ghost, and themselves, cast members Chloe Troast and Sarah Sherman responded to Jahelis’ comments.

“I just found out I’m not cool. Please give me and my family space to grieve privately and ugly right now,” Sherman said in a post on X (formerly Twitter).

Sharing the video on Instagram while singing Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful,” Troast offered Jahelis a two-bird greeting.

“I never expected that video to go viral,” the content creator said in a statement following the backlash. “If I had known, maybe I would have expressed myself a little better. “I was hoping to have a dialogue with my community, who are used to my unfiltered opinions that rarely come from a place of malice.”

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