Young diabetics show early signs of Alzheimer’s disease | Top Vip News

[ad_1] A study by the University of Colorado links youth-onset diabetes to an increased risk of Alzheimer’s disease, emphasizing the need for more research and possibly early cognitive testing in diabetes care in young people. A CU Anschutz study indicates that diabetes that begins in youth may increase the risk of dementia and related neurodegenerative … Read more

Alzheimer’s ‘advance’ stalls: why a highly publicized drug faces delays in approval | Dementia | Top Vip News

[ad_1] YoIt was heralded in newspaper articles as a “breakthrough,” a “turning point,” and a “game changer” for Alzheimer’s disease. Some experts went so far as to call the drug donanemab the “beginning of the end” of this debilitating disease. In May 2023, the pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly published data from a clinical trial that … Read more

Fat deposits in brain cells can cause Alzheimer’s, study says | Top Vip News

[ad_1] Scientists lay blame for Alzheimer’s on culprit proteins Researchers may have discovered a new key to combating Alzheimer’s disease. A recent study suggests that the root cause lies in the accumulation of fat droplets inside brain cells. Michael Haney of the University of Pennsylvania said new scientist that targeting these droplets could lead to … Read more

Flashing lights and a clicking sound eliminated toxic proteins in Alzheimer’s mice: ScienceAlert | Top Vip News

[ad_1] Could Alzheimer’s disease one day be treated with flashes of light and clicks of sound? Scientists have now shown how high-frequency brain wave stimulation in mice can eliminate amyloid protein clumps associated with Alzheimer’s. Previous research has shown that stimulating high-frequency brain waves, called gamma waves, could improve the brain’s ability to clear waste … Read more

Yoga found to improve cognition in older women at risk of Alzheimer’s: ScienceAlert | Top Vip News

[ad_1] Yoga sessions may help with cognition and memory in older women at risk for Alzheimer’s disease, possibly helping to reduce the number of contributing factors and delaying the onset of symptoms. Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) enlisted the help of 79 women over the age of 50 who potentially had … Read more

Why the Mediterranean diet protects the brain from signs of Alzheimer’s: study | Top Vip News

[ad_1] Nutrition By Brooke Steinberg Published February 6, 2024 Updated February 6, 2024, 11:03 am ET The Mediterranean diet continues to prove why it has been named the number one best diet overall by US News & World Report for seven consecutive years. A new study published in the journal JAMA Neurology discovered that following … Read more

Alzheimer’s can be transmitted between humans through unusual medical procedures, study says | Top Vip News

[ad_1] The new study raises new questions about Alzheimer’s disease. (Representative photo) Alzheimer’s can be transmitted between humans through rare medical accidents, according to research, although experts emphasize that there is no evidence that the disease can be transmitted from human to human through everyday activities or routine care. The new study, published in the … Read more

Jay Leno requests guardianship of his wife Mavis, she suffers from Alzheimer’s

[ad_1] Exclusive jay leno Guardianship files on wife… After Alzheimer’s diagnosis 01/26/2024 6:28 pm (Pacific Time) jay leno He is taking steps to manage his wife’s affairs… in the form of a guardianship. The comedian filed legal papers Friday to become his wife’s guardian. Mavis LenoThe assets of… according to court records. A source with … Read more

Jay Leno Files for Conservatorship of Wife Mavis After Alzheimer’s Diagnosis | Top Vip News

[ad_1] TELEVISION By Sarah Whitman Published January 26, 2024, 10:06 pm ET Jay Leno filed for a conservatorship over his wife, Mavis Leno, on Friday, Page Six can confirm.wire image Jay Leno filed for a conservatorship over his wife, Mavis Leno, on Friday, Page Six can confirm. According to TMZwho was the first to report … Read more

Jay Leno Files for Conservatorship of Wife After Alzheimer’s Diagnosis: Report

[ad_1] Famous By Erin Keller Published January 26, 2024, 10:08 pm ET The couple has been married for four decades. Jay Leno filed for guardianship of his wife, Mavis, as she was reportedly diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. TMZ reports that the former late-night host filed legal papers on Friday to become conservator of Mavis’ estate. … Read more