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In her signature witty and real writing style, Twinkle Khanna aka Mrs Funnybones has shared her take on Valentine’s Day. in hers again column For The Times of India, Twinkle, who has become known for her laugh-inducing Instagram captions, reflected on the celebration of Valentine’s Day around the world. She joked about what she thinks husbands give to women they’ve been married to for over a decade on Valentine’s Day. Also read: Twinkle responds after man questions her for telling Akshay ‘men are dessert’

‘What did your husband get you for Valentine’s Day?’

Twinkle Khanna shares her vision for Valentine’s Day.

Wondering why Valentine’s Day was celebrated in the first place, Twinkle Khanna wrote: “Valentine’s Day itself may have begun as an experiment. In some medieval version of a board meeting, there must have been a discussion about the drop in sales in the post-Christmas crisis and how they had to make people who were already broke to buy gifts buy gifts for the same people again with their next salary. On the other hand, the German philosopher -American Hannah Arendt once said: “An experience makes its appearance only when it is said. And unless it is said, it is, so to speak, non-existent.'”

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Twinkle, who has been married to actor Akshay Kumar since January 2001, also wrote: “For all its consumerism, Valentine’s Day perhaps makes the abstraction of love more concrete. Although if you ask women who have been married for longer For a decade, the most honest answer to ‘What did your husband get you for Valentine’s Day?’ would be: “As always, a headache.” In fact, love may be the ultimate thought experiment. It’s a paradox in which accepting each other’s flaws creates an imperfectly perfect connection, with or without withered red roses and a card of Archie with two cartoon hearts winking at each other.”

Twinkle Khanna’s books.

In 2022, Twinkle Khanna continued her MA in Fiction Writing at Goldsmiths, University of London; she completed her degree recently. In 2015, Twinkle published her first non-fiction book, Mrs Funnybones.

Her second book was The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad, a collection of short stories. Twinkle’s third book, Pajamas Are Forgiving, made her the best-selling author in India in 2018, according to Nielsen BookScan India. Her fourth book, Welcome to Paradise, was published in 2023.

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