Upasana posts a photo of her daughter with ‘Twin Sisters’


Ram Charan and Upasana recently welcomed a daughter. Her daughter has not yet celebrated her first birthday. They named their daughter Kleen Kara.

Upasana recently shared a photo on her social media account and it went viral.

In this photo, Ram Charan is holding his daughter in his arms while Upasana is by his side and they pose with Anushpala Kamineni Ebrahim.

Anushpala is Upasana’s younger sister. Anshupala and her husband Ebrahim were blessed with twins. In the photo, the Anushpala couple cradles their twin daughters.

Upasana posted a tweet along with his photo. Upasana and her sister Anshupala are lucky to have only daughters.

“Introducing the amazing trio: powerpuff girls. Klinkaara Konidela is joined by her two sisters. Ayraa Pushpa Ebrahim and Ryka Sucharita Ebrahim,” Upasana wrote.

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