Usha Uthup: I’m sure Miley and I will work together very soon

Renowned singer Usha Uthup has taken the internet by storm with her captivating cover of Miley Cyrus’ hit song Flowers, for which the pop sensation even won a Grammy this year. The Indian music icon’s performance of the song has gone viral, garnering praise and admiration from fans. Overwhelmed by the responses, Uthup shares, “I am very excited and grateful to people for loving my version too. I just sang the song because my daughter Anjali randomly introduced it to me one day. When I heard it, she loved the song.”

Usha Uthup on Miley Cyrus’ song Flowers

Describing the widespread appeal of his version, Uthup tells us, “I’ve sung it at all my shows and everyone loves it. I was very excited to know that my cover version is being appreciated like this. I didn’t even think it would come on Instagram. To all of you who have written such wonderful things about my cover, thank you very much! What really made me happy is that people said they could relate to the song more because of my voice.”

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The veteran singer emphasizes, “Girls, boys, men, women and even children love this song. It’s really fantastic, the success has made me feel very good”, and he added: “It’s such a beautiful song with fantastic lyrics, that’s what inspired me. It’s a new kind of breakup song, but as far as I’m concerned, it’s girl power positivity. I always end it with a phrase: ‘I can’t do without your love’, because I must have the love of the public.”

Expressing her admiration for Miley Cyrus and her recent Grammy win for the song, the 76-year-old says, “I’m so excited because Miley Cyrus got the Grammy for this song. I can’t wait for you to hear the song and I hope you like it. I am sure that we will work together very soon.”

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