Weekly horoscope readings for each zodiac sign: February 11-17

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Kerry Washington, an Aquarius.
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Late Monday night, action planet Mars enters Aquarius; On Friday morning, Venus joins him. With both celestial bodies transiting the sign of independence and unconventionality, it is a good week to change your routines. If your love life is unsatisfactory, look to meet people outside your usual social scene. If you’re generally feeling bored, ask yourself if you’ve played it safe. Maybe it’s time to set bigger or more meaningful goals. Selling yourself short will only end in frustration. Be brave enough to strike out in a new direction. In the meantime, find the weekly horoscope for each zodiac sign below.

You are not a group member by nature, so you sometimes get irritated in group settings. You treasure your freedom. You want to do what you want, when you want. Still, you need a tribe (that is also your nature, like that of every human being), even if it introduces some complications into your life. This week, you have the opportunity to discover how to engage with your community in a way that works. for you. You can connect with other people and achieve things you would never achieve on your own. You can be part of the group without losing your independence or your identity.

You have a pretty good idea of ​​where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Neither arrogant nor falsely modest, you know what you do well and do your best to stay within that lane. This week, however, you may be asked to do more: take on an unexpected leadership role or a project unlike any you’ve tackled before, do more than you thought you were capable of. Don’t back down from the challenge. Once you get the hang of things, you might even find it stimulating.

As much as you have faith in humanity en masse, sometimes you have a hard time having faith in individual people. Here in the real world, everyone is confusing, contradictory, and often annoying. Every day, you witness them acting lazily, selfishly, or contrary to their stated ideals. It’s enough to make you want to give up on people. This week, however, try to fight your cynicism. At this time, especially, it is better to be generous than distrustful. Give others the benefit of the doubt and they will surprise you by rising to the occasion.

It is possible that Lately, you’ve been harder on others than you let on: more demanding, less forgiving, reluctant to give people (especially those you don’t yet know well) the benefit of the doubt. it’s not that you want be closed off, you’re just worried that your good character will be taken as weakness. By assuming the worst, you imagine you can protect yourself from disappointment. But this week, the more generous you are with others, the happier you will be. Sure, some people won’t reciprocate, but that won’t break you. No matter how others behave, you can live as you want.

Sometimes you imagine how much better life could be for everyone if you were in charge. With your clear mind and loving heart, you could make the world a softer, kinder, and fairer place to live. This week, however, you don’t have to dream. You can take steps to support your community and feel less despair about the future. The key is to collaborate with others. You’re not alone. You have people to lean on, exchange ideas with, and help you even in the strangest of times.

Some people feel bored and limited by structure, but for you, daily habits help give stability and meaning to your life. However, this does not mean that you are rigid. Far from there. Your routines are not set in stone and you are more than willing to change them when necessary. So this week, if plans don’t go as expected, try not to worry too much. When the unexpected happens, don’t see it as a sign that you are making a mistake, but as an invitation to try something new, to surprise yourself and make life more interesting.

When we are faced with a decision, You put a lot of pressure on yourself to consider all the options and, once you’ve done that, come up with the best one. one. You understand that your time on earth is finite and you don’t want to waste it on people or projects that you might one day regret. Just remember that your decisions don’t have to be certain or predictable to be worthwhile. Sometimes it is better to zigzag where others do. You can heed the call to adventure not because you believe it will tangibly benefit you, but because it will enrich your life.

This week, you might be feeling a little nervous. Even the slightest criticism makes your hair stand on end, thoughtless comments cut you deep and you are ready to fight over the slightest difference of opinion. You are full of restless energy and need a productive outlet for it, otherwise you will end up causing problems. Find a project to dedicate yourself to, a cause to fight for, even a new relationship that excites you. The key is not to let all that bright energy fester inside you, but to find a way to use it.

Your mind is firing on all cylinders right now, bursting with ideas. Maybe you’re thinking about an ambitious community project you’d like to undertake, a novel you’d like to write, or an adventure you’ve always dreamed of. Your job, this week, is to find a way to use this creative energy. It’s so easy to procrastinate, to hold on to your beautiful ideas until they wither, so let them see the sun. If you wait for perfect conditions or for someone else to come and do the hard work for you, you will be waiting forever. There is no perfect moment. Get underway.

You feel comfortable saying no to other people when they are unreasonable. You are not afraid to set boundaries with your boss, your friends or your parents. Sometimes, however, you ask yourself the impossible. So this week your challenge is to relax. Stop overbooking and start setting aside enough time to rest. Stop working when you are free and remember that you need creativity, fun and leisure too. You are harder on yourself than anyone else, and even if you have a hard time treating yourself, at least try to treat yourself more gently.

Sometimes you struggle with a sense of belonging. Even when life is going well, you are a little unbalanced; Even among those who love you most, you feel a little out of place. This week you will have a break. You won’t have to work as hard to be understood. Your friends will understand. Others will recognize how much you have to offer. Don’t worry about looking “normal” or trying to fit in. All you need to do is relax and let your authentic personality shine.

It seems like everyone is minding your business this week. They want to know your deepest emotions, your darkest traumas, your most precious secrets. A part of you may feel like you owe it to your friends to bare your soul, but that’s not the case. You can open up on your own terms, when you are ready. Your stories are yours and you decide who you will share them with, if you want to share them.

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