Who Is Shaboozey? All About Musician Featured On Beyonce’s Cowboy Carter Album Twice


Beyoncé just released her latest album with some of the most groovy tracks. While bringing about a lot of new stuff to the ears of her fans, she introduced a new sound within her songs, with the voice of Shaboozey. 

Let’s get to know this not-so-new artist, as he made an appearance on the track of the American record producer.

Who is Shaboozey?

Act II: Cowboy Carter the most recent album by the If I Were a Boy artist was released on 29 March. It gave her listeners a few new amazing songs to groove with. 

With all of the hype that has spread across the internet over the songs and talks surrounding the lyrics, Beyoncé gave another reason to her followers to be intrigued. 

She introduced Shaboozey within her tracks. Born on 9 May 1995, in Fairfax, Virginia, he is an American crossover artist. Widely being known for his skills within the country genre, he is also a Nigerian-American singer and rapper. 

His talents to bridge hip-hop and country music together have been greatly appreciated, through his track such as Let it Burn, which received over 8 million streams. 

One of his latest tracks includes Annabelle, which was released just this year. Moreover, the multi-hyphenate is set to release his album Where I’ve Been, Isn’t Where I’m Going on 31 May. 

He is a musician, filmmaker, author, as well as a producer. 

For his early studies, he was sent to a boarding school in Nigeria and this is when he developed his sense of music and rhythm. His musical inspiration comes from Led Zeppelin, Fela Kuti, the Clipse, Roger Waters, as well as the Backstreet Boys. 

The artist signed a deal with Republic Records in 2017 with his track Starfoxx and Robert Plant. Since then he has released great songs such as Break the Band (How Could She?) and Winning Streak, which totally speak of his skills to blend R&B singing and poetic rapping.

Beyonce’s album featuring Shaboozey

The Break My Soul artist announced her eighth studio album on 11 February during the Super Bowl commercial. This was also during the time she released two of her singles, 16 Carriages, and Texas Hold ‘Em. 

The genre-bending, eclectic musician Shaboozey has been featured on not just one but two stunning tracks of Beyonce. He has given his voice to songs such as Spaghetti and another one of the Crazy in Love artist’s tracks, named Sweet Honey Buckiin. 

This latest album Act II, by the Say My Name artist, is the second installment of the three-part series, with its first one being released back in 2022, on 29 July. The first part of the three-series album is called Renaissance, which was released through Beyonce’s company Parkwood Entertainment and Columbia Records.

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